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The Silver Grove - Warframe Quest

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In the Silver Grove quest the Tenno is employed by Amaryn of the "New Loka" syndicate to venture into the Silver Grove the oldest forests on Earth currently being burned and clear-cutted by the Grineer. The quest comprises of 3 missions for each, the player must gather different scans of plant specimens found throughout the solar system. The ingredients are then used to craft Apothics which then play audio codices that reveal the true origin of the Silver Grove.

The Silver Grove is DE's gearing up for War Within. The quest design and structure is similar to that of the Sands of Inaros quest wherein players have to grind out "kill X many of a specific enemy" to finish a Urn to then activate an Egyptian alter. In the Silver Grove players need to grind out "Scan X of a specific plant specimen" to craft an Apothic to activate a stone alter. In this case, I do not think re-using the the same quest structure is necessarily a fault of the developers. While the grinding in between the missions to progress through the quest feels repetitive the crafting times on the Apothics are minimal (1 min). Some of the plant species like the Vestan Moss were somewhat overly tedious because it was rarest and required the most amount of scans for the Apothic. However, despite the tediousness scour the level repeatedly for plants the grind was much fairer in comparison to that of the older quests (Mesa, Equinox). Although I feel that in comparison, the Inaros quest was better produced because it better and more set pieces and better pacing.

After crafting the Apothic, Amyrn will then task the player to seek out a old shrine on E-Prime. The level is decorated with set pieces of burning tinder, the skybox is painted a orange-red and fill with fire visual effects. Once the player reaches the location of the shrine in the level, to proceed with the quest the player anoints a large stone altar with the Apothic in hand. Each time the shrine's disembodied voice will awaken more and will be confronted by a Specter guarding the shrine.

For players like myself who enjoy Warframe's lore, more interesting is the audio codex that plays between missions when each of the Apothics have been crafted. They are the audio log of a Orokin Researcher that was given the chance to leave a rather polluted and desolated Earth to work with Margulis who she idolized. The second codex takes place some time after when the researcher shares her disgust that she is ordered by the Orokin to create the Warframe Titania. The researcher describes how much she hated Titania, a weapon of abject destruction. Through the missions Amaryn and the player discover that the Orokin Researcher named Silvana secretly pull Orokin resources and (re-) seeded the pollute and desolate Earth where she then fled after stealing Titania away. She created the Silver Grove in which she is permanently bound to by Transference. When the Orokin learned of what she didcreate the grove, a battalion of Dax sent after her and to destroy the forest. To much of Silvana's surprise, Titania defended the Silver Grove with her life. The reveal of the Silver Glove origin is at first almost too much for Amaryn to accept because the negates what the religious beliefs the New Loka had about the Silver Glove. However, Amaryn after hearing Silvana's story vows that Tenno will help Titana's fly again.

The quest "seeds" more lore in Warframe. From the Second Dream and now this quest we are starting to get a picture of the Orokin. This is the first quest where we explicitly have a mention of the battalion of Dax and not just alluded to in written codex. We learn the history of Earth in the Waframe universe. As a player who is interested in understanding more of the lore in Warframe these small vignette story quest are really nice. I just wish DE released them more frequently. The War Within is the DE's next cinematic quest (on the scale of Second Dream) which by the way, DE has said will be released in September now.

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