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Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 1 Reflection

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Rapid's recording a playthrough of Persona 4. Come join him in re-experiencing Persona 4 all over again. 

Back in 2008, when the PlayStation 2 was considered to be at the last of its long lifespan, one of the last games I played on this console was Persona 4. Having just played Persona 3, I was surprised that in no time at all Atlus USA localized Persona 4, taking much of the gameplay forumla of Persona 3 but setting the game in a whole different environment and atmosphere.

I had been contemplating on doing this video playthrough of Persona 4 for a long time now, and only recently had the time and the means to. While there are already a saturation of  Persona 4 playthroughs on the internet, like GiantBomb's Persona 4 "Endurance Run" and many "Let's Plays" all over YouTube, I still felt compelled to do my own recorded playthrough of Persona 4 for several reasons.

  1.  Wanted to play the game again (probably the most important part I would think of anyone who wanted to do a video playthrough).
  2. The announcement of Persona 4 : The Animation this year resparked and reminded me how much I enjoyed Persona 4.
  3. The actual plot of Persona 4 begins April 04, 2011 (around this time in the real world) which seems like the perfect time to do this.

By the time that this article goes up I would have uploaded at least the first set of my recorded videos. I am trying to establish a format for my videos however, since this is my first time attempting to record full video I apologize if for the first few videos the format is inconsistent. 

  • There will be no commentary with my videos but I have decided I  will be do a retrospective article similar to this one after each major "Chapter"
  • Although Persona 4 does not have set "Chapters", I will be implementing my own in order to break down the key points in the story. 
  • Primarily be focusing on recording the primary core story, I may do side-quests off-air. 
  • "Uneventful days" such as when I'm just grinding or leveling up social stats may be omitted from video. 
  • Will be recording when Social Links Level Up
  • Any other funny or wacky event that happens within the game.
  • I may show some combat so viewers can get a sense of the dungeons and enemies.


Finally, I must credit StrikeArranges on YouTube whose many quality videos inspired the format of my Persona 4 videos. It's quite impressive in how the videos are cut and edited such that it seems like you're watching film or a short television series. Strike's channel includes an asorted number of games, including Yakuza, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, and Alan Wake just to name a few.  

Retrospection: Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 1 "Welcome Protagonist to Inaba"


Parts 1- 4 of Chapter was mostly exposition and spent more time watching than playing the game. However it allowed me to focus on how I am going structure the videos and get setup. I decided to name the protagonist, Akira Yoshioka.
If you were wondering where the name came from, Yoshioka is named after the surname of  the Japanese singer, YUI. The idea to give him YUI's last name came from the announcement of what the name of Protagonist would be named in the anime version of Persona 4, "Yu Narukami". ("The "Yu" in his name reminded me of YUI").  As for the first name "Akira" is the nickname given to Hamari, one of my main characters in many of Project IC's creative writting works. 
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