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The Recap: Persona 4 : The Animation Episode 1

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Persona 4 The Animation makes its debut today, Rapid finds out if this anime adaptation holds up to the video game.

Watch Episode 1 of Persona 4 : The Animation here via The Anime Network.

The first episode of Persona 4 aired today, and pretty much went through the opening exposition of the game. The protagonist in this series is named Yu Narukami, arrives in Inaba and is quickly introduced to the Dojima Family, as well as his friends at Yosogami High. 

The anime adaptation does a great job in capturing the same essence of the Persona 4 video game. The anime uses much of the same music, and if you played the Japanese version of P4, you'll recognize the voice actors from the game have reprised their roles making sure that it remains authentic to the game. It even includes the same sort of assets and presentation for instance, the anime show each day passing on a calendar by in the same way the game shows players daily progression. Between the traditional half way cut to commerical title card, it shows Narukami's current Status, such as his courage, intelligence, chrisma, etc. Little things like that I believe that fans will enjoy. 

Character Stats in my anime?  

As for impressions of the first episode itself: 

If you have played Persona 4 before, or have been following my story-focused playthrough of the game on the site, or on YouTube then you may have noticed changes to the plot sequence and also the pacing of the story. It seems that for a better episode, the show creators have decided to skip minor plot points in the beginning of the game. For instance among other details, you probably know that (spoliers) the protagonist did not awaken his persona until the second time he was in the Midnight channel and Chie was not present at the time. While some may already start criticize for diverging from the game's plot sequence, it is also understandable that a lot of long drawn out parts of the opening could be condensed however, still make an understandable plot line for those who have come into Persona 4 the animation without playing the game first. It would be dull episode if all they did in the first episode was talk about the murders or just find out about the midnight channel at the end of the episode. 

Look Behind You Chie!

Overall the first episode made a good first impression, only time will tell if it continues to satisfy fan expectation. 

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