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Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 15 Reflection

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This week Rapid recollects his thoughts about "Chapter 15" of his Persona 4 Story focused playthrough.

Note: This article has spoliers.

Please watch the video playthrough or have beaten Persona 4 before continuing. 

Note: This is Chapter 15, click here to view Chapter 14

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 15 : Bonds - Part 1 (25:14)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 15 : Bonds - Part 2 (24:03)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 15 : Bonds - Part 3 (23:37)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 15 : Bonds - Part 4 (26:51)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 15 : Bonds - Part 5 (25:16)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 15 : Bonds - Part 6 (35:45)


Retrospection: Persona 4 (Story) Chapter  15 : Bonds


Since in this chapter we saw a lot of social links ranking up to Max I thought it appropriate to  to call this chapter Bonds. Of those social links, I think while the social link with Shu (tutored student) felt a little stale and mundane I think it had the best story pay off in the end when the entire investigation team comes to celebrate Shu's birthday. 

Unfortuantely, there is not much more to say about this chapter, mostly just wrapping up some social links. Yosuke and Yukiko both got their new personas this episode, Both the design of Susano and Amaterasu are some of my favourite persona designs, even though Amaterasu is not a dog in this game. Like I said in my retrospection for the previous chapter, I am going to attempt to show you guys as many Max Social Links as I can, although Akira will not be romancing every girl he came across in the game. Although at this moment our protagonist has intimate relationships with both Yumi and Rise. Again, its one of the weird things that Persona 3 did not let players get away with, that Persona 4 does.

Capture.PNGAside from all that, another week of exams for our protagonist Akira Yoshioka, and as always, he always seems confident in his answers. 

With November just around the corner for the investigation team, the timeline of Persona 4 is slowly catching up to reality. All I can say is for those who have not played through Persona 4, November 5th 2011 is a day that fans should be weary of. But, I think I might be giving too much away, so please stayed tuned for next week's chapter to see what happens.

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