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Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 16 Reflection

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This week Rapid recollects his thoughts about "Chapter 16" of his Persona 4 Story focused playthrough.

Note: This article has spoliers.

Please watch the video playthrough or have beaten Persona 4 before continuing. 

Note: This is Chapter 16, click here to view Chapter 15

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 16 : Culture Festival - Part 1 (24:30)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 16 : Culture Festival - Part 2 (36:21)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 16 : Culture Festival - Part 3 (54:26)


Retrospection: Persona 4 (Story) Chapter  16 : Culture Festival


Best Line during the event...

Boy's Voice: I'd hit it…

Me: (It's a Trap!)

If you have played P4 before, you probably were highly anticipating the culture festival event. Hailed as one of the best if not the best scenes in the game. It's easy to tell why it's one of the most memorable events in the game. Starting with the awkward group date cafe scene, then escalates to the cross-dressing pageant which not surprisingly Teddie wins, to the absurdity that is seeing your middle-aged homeroom teacher and the fattest girl in your class in a swimsuit.

Such a shame we could not see Naoto in a swimsuit during the second round of the actual beauty pageant. I bet a lot of fans of Naoto were a bit disappointed by that. 


For those who played Persona 3 before, when you realized there was a hot springs event, you probably got both excited and scared because you remembered Mitsuru and her "punishment". However, alas no sneaking away from the girls mini-game in this one.

When the girls discover the boys, If you have enough courage you can "Hold the Line" which still results in your eventual retreat. It all results in the boys trying to sneak into the girl's room at the hotel as an act of revenge. nI won't spoil the outcome of the hot springs event in case those of you have not watched the conclusion.

All will say is indeed, 

"You've seen things no student should see…"

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