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Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 20 Reflection

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This week Rapid recollects his thoughts about "Chapter 20" of his Persona 4 Story focused playthrough.

Note: This article has spoliers.

Please watch the video playthrough or have beaten Persona 4 before continuing. 

Note: This is Chapter 20, click here to view Chapter 19

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 20 : The culprit is... You! - Part 1 (32:20)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 20 : The culprit is... You! - Part 2 (39:43)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 20 : The culprit is... You! - Part 3 (23:16) 

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 20 : The culprit is... You! - Part 4 (48:39)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 20 : The culprit is... You! - Part 5 (42:27)


Retrospection: Persona 4 (Story) Chapter  20 : The culprit is... You!

There comes a time in any sort of production when things go a little haywire, in my case it was in part 3 of Chapter 20 of the Persona playthrougth. As stated in the beginning of the video, where the raw video file that I capture got corrupted. Unfortuantely it was not until I already saved over my current save game that I realized what had happened. I hope those of you watching for the first time excuse my makeshift solution, I promise my other videos are not like this. 

During this video the Akira, the protagonist encounters an enemy shadow known as a "Reaper" they are essentially a special boss that appears in a subsequent playthrough of Persona 4. They always appear in chests, and you are always given an ominous message that something terrible is going to happen if you open the chest. Reapers appeared also in Persona 3 and in somewhat of I think cooler but more threatening fashion, where if you stayed too long in the dungeon the Reaper will actually lurk around, and the player can hear a loud rattling of chains as he approaches. While they can be tough to defeat, I think it is alot easier in Persona 4 since you get a forewarning that the chest contains the reaper and can choose to not open it or over-prepare yourself as I did whenever I encoutered them.

Defeating a reaper gives you a sweet bonus, you can fight the reaper multiple times as I did, granted that you managed to find him. With each defeat the reaper drops a powerful item that can be a weapon or armor. If you manage to collect weapons and armor for each of your party members, the Reaper will drop a Omnipotence Orb which protects a character from all damage except an Almighty attack. 

In terms of social links this week, those of you who probably guessed that the chances of me maxing out the remaining social links (Empress, Death, and Temperance) are now slim to none. If you guys are still interested in seeing the full social link, I probably will post them after this current playthrough if I have a chance. In my prior playthrough I maxed out both the Death (Hisano) and Empress (Ai) social link but as result did not have get very high in the Tower (Shu) or Fortune (Naoto) social link. There are guides online to get all social links to max and while it would have been nice to see all social links in one playthrough, I did not follow those guides explicitly for this playthrough. 

We are quickly approaching the end of the game, as those of you whom haven't played Persona 4 might of sensed we are nearing the end of Akira's journey. The team finally discovers that Adachi is the culprit behind both murders and has been playing Namatame for a fool all this time. Poor Dojima the killer was right beside him all this time, and now he is helpless to stop him in his current state and must rely on his nephew and his High-School friends to bring about justice to this criminal.

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