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Persona 4 Story Playthrough Wrap Up Retrospection

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With the Persona 4 story playthrough finally complete, Rapid reflects on the best and most challenging times throughout this entire playthrough one last time. 

When I think back to when I first began this playthrough of Persona 4, the thing I believe which spark it all was the announcement of Persona 4 : The Animation. An anime adaptation of P4 that got me thinking that maybe I should go back and playthrough the game again yet, remembering on my last playthrough it took over 98 hours to complete made me first very hesitant. Nevermind at the end of all this, I would actually go back and end up spending more time on second playthrough. Another thing I was weary at first of was that since already finished the game, would it be meaningful to back a second ttime? Now having gone through it, I feel as though in the end it was worth it, I was rekindled with the reasons why I enjoyed this game the first time I played it.

Question before we start...?

Right from the start there was the question I spent a great deal of time pondering :

Should I rely on a guide to make sure I get all the social links?

As you can probably tell by the fact that nearing the end of the game I was not close at all to achieving max level social links with all social links that I did not rely on a guide when it came to the social links. It was a hard decision and kind of a bummer at the end because it means that some would say I did not achieve a "perfect playthrough." My rationale  was I wanted to enjoy playing the game and not have to constrict myself and play as I probably would instead  of feel like I am just following an instruction manual through the entire game. This is a story playthrough and not a walkthrough. In the end, I feel like I told the core story showed most of the side missions all through this playthrough. While people may argue with me to the ends of the earth that not maxing out the 3 social links at the end is utterly unacceptable,  I believe I showed the most important social links to completion. It also leaves something for those who might have never played Persona 4 to go play the game for themselves and see the content I omitted.

Challenges right out of the get go...

Nothing worth doing is easy at the start...

This being my first ever playthrough, I was quickly met with some of the techincal challenges of producing video. Right from the very beginning I faced issues with audio syncing where in a few of the videos, audio would become out of sync right in the middle of video playback. Another issue was trying to keep consist video dimensions from one video to the next after compression and converting those recorded video files.

It takes time and dedication...

Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 8 & 9 ReflectionVideo playthroughs are like a second job or another course on top of your 5 courses.

One thing I learned was even if you are making roughly 2-3 hours of video content to give yourself ample playtime and recording time. One reason that chapters began to be release most consistantly once a week was because I gave myself most of the weekday to play the game, grind my characters to the point that I would be able to defeat boss enemies without any fear that would redo any of them. Tuesdays or Thursdays were usually grind sessions for about an hour or two, and most of my recording / editing was done on Saturday and then upload would happen on Sunday. Very difficult to find time have School and/or job such as much myself. My respects to those who are running multiple playthrough. In my cause staying up late because I needed to be at a certain point in the game to start recording or you need to finish recording this chapter. 

But enough of me rambling about doing the playthrough lets actually talk about the playthrough.

Most memorable event in Persona 4

Somethings are to never be spoken of ever again but, never to be forgotten...ever.

If you asked me what would be the moment from Persona 4 that I will never forget it would probably be the King's Game event. No matter what outcome you chose whether it'd be having an idol rest her head in your lap or getting an intimate hug from Yukiko to the being forced to unfortantely carry Yosuke on your shoulder, the king's game event is the single moment that will always get me to burst out laughing.  Its easy to tell that the voice actors probably just loved this scene. A chance to act out an intoxicated Yukko or Rise must have been a blast for both Amanda Winn-Lee  and Laura Bailey. I was glad that the editing work out and I was able to show all the scenes, its probably the only time where I have shown all the alternatives to a player choice and it was well worth it. 


An emotional rollarcoster in Persona 4

Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 19 ReflectionTry to tug on my heart strings will ya', game!

Oh Atlus why did you have to go and do that... of course you cannot let poor Nanako-chan die on us! The events of December 3 is probably a point where Persona 4 sets off on a rollarcoster of dread, shock, saddness, dramatic tension, anger, and reslove, to  finally relief. We start off with Nanako not getting better after weeks of being in the hospital, then her condition suddenly worsens and we realize that she did not make it. Followed by Namatame, the one responsible is in the same hospital at this moment and oh crap where is Dojima going? To now Yosuke and the others are contemplating throwing him into the TV? Wait we are missing something here! Finally seeing clear that Namatame couldn't be the killer, and Nanako has made a suprise recovery but where's Teddy? There's some much going on in just that one scene and I felt that Atlus pull it off quite well to try to stur up many emotions in the player and engage them.   




The boss encounter of all boss in encounters in Persona 4

Rise : Hey Senpei who is she?

         How do you know-

        ...What the!? She's floating!?

As I stated in my reflection of the Epilogue that battling Margaret was the most engaging fight in this playthrough. When I go back and watched what I did at the time of the recording I say many times were I paused and had think of my next move. Sometimes even second guessing what I was going to do. There was a turn when I made a move that I clearly shouldn't have. Not once did I just rely on the All-Out-Attack as I usually do in most battles, instead make more methodical being conservative of my turns.I think that's the key to a good boss encounter is one that demands you to be on your toes during the fight. 



Closing thoughts

I'm glad that I was able to do my first ever video playthrough it was something I always thought I do. It had to be the right game and I'm glad that doing a video playthrough did not detract from my enjoyment of the game since playing it for video is different than how I would play a game normally. I would like to thank those of you who watched my playthrough and hope you enjoyed both these videos and these blogs. Atlus for both the game's creation and for being cool about all these videos of your game on YouTube. Of course YouTube for making it possible to upload over 42 hours of footage. 

Well I guess this is my farewell, Persona 4.

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