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What's Happening Now? 4/28/2012

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It’s been a while since the last time I wrote anything new on the site, so I’ll recap what I’ve been playing and working on, as I’ve been busy making major changes to the site's infrastructure. 

Most of March was spent playing and recording videos of Mass Effect 3. At the time I’m writing this post, I have finished ME3’s story, and in the process of slowly uploading chapters of (my) Shepard’s story onto my YouTube channel.  A couple of chapters of the Mass Effect 3 Chronicles will be uploaded each week, with around twenty eight chapters in total. At the time of this post, the series is already up to Chapter 11.

Much like what happen with the Saints Row playthrough-A Saints’ Life, due to time constraints I will not be able to do weekly chapter reflections as I done in the past with Persona 4. (Maybe I’ll write something up after the Mass Effect 3).  I plan to also update the Mass Effect 3 Chronicles when the epilogue dlc comes out in the summer, and my hope is that the dlc will come out by the time that the last few Chapters are uploaded. As mentioned, the Saints Row the Third videos are done, and if any other story dlc becomes available that I think is worth wild I’ll continue to update that series. 

MassEffect3 2012-04-08 00-43-55-581.png

The Fate of the Galaxy in the hands of Shepard and his Squad

I didn’t play a ton of games after beating Mass Effect 3, and spending a fair amount of time with the game's multiplayer. I did try out some Blur which I find the driving, presentation, and general gameplay interesting and fun,but the single player challenges gets tedious after sometime, the game seems primarily multiplayer focused. With that said, I did just recently buy the Witcher 2 Enchance Edition off Steam, after hearing good things about developer, CD Project Red and about how immersive and challenging the game itself is. Not having played the first Witcher game, I'm finding I'm consulting a Wiki to fill me on the story and background, the universe of the Witcher is complex and dark, which is Intriguing. Its something I find refreshing when high fantasy is more than a derivative of just D&D. At some point I want to play a fantasy story that is something more than a story about an demon invasion, racism towards elfs, and the humans warring against demon spawn which seems to have been done over and over again. The Witcher 2 seems more about diplomacy, political intrigue, things that are grounded in reality set an a fantasy world. While demons and mystical beasts still exists within the Witcher 2, these creatures are sort of a dying breed and the duties and the roles that Witchers play in  sociey is becoming obsolete. It will be interesting to see where the story leads me, I've heard major choices made near the beginning of the game will determine how the rest of the story is told. 

witcher2 2012-04-22 11-44-00-933.png

Off to see the King, nothing  will go wrong right?.... right?

So that's pretty much what's been happening, there will be more updates as the major changes to the site are rolling out. Mass Effect 3 Chronicles videos will continue to be release each week, as I continue playing the Witcher 2.

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