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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 4/30/2012

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of Apirl 30, 2012.

Welcome to the week of May! 

This week on Rapid Chronicles check out our new videos of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on my (Rapid) channel. As usual, I have edited the videos down for the story, and cutscenes. The Witcher 2 videos are current pilot videos, more parts will probably go up more regularly once I'm finished uploading Mass Effect 3. Also, expect at least two new Chapters (13 and 14) of The Mass Effect 3 Chronicles to be uploaded this week. Head over to our channel or enjoy them here on site, on our new and cleaner looking Videos page! Finally, check back for any other updates this week.Have an awesome week.


Wrapping up last week: 

Make sure to read my post - What's Happening Now 4/28/2012 if you want to find out what has been happening the last few months on Rapid Chronicles. 

Chapters 10 & Chapter 11 of the Mass Effect 3 Chronicles was uploaded check it out if you are into Mass Effect 3. 



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