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Sunday, 08 August 2010 00:00

Final Fight Double Impact

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Final Fight Double Impact is two classic side-scrolling fighting games wrapped into one package. It features remakes of two original arcade beat’em up games Final Fight and Magic Sword.



Temptation and longing to experience that of my nostalgia overcome me when I discovered that the original Final Fight had been resurrected. Moreover that it is packaged with cool features including drop online and offline support. Now I’ll be honest I didn’t actually grow up playing the original Final Fight, but rather my nostalgia for the series is memories of having played Final Fight 3. Nevertheless, I completely could identify the game when I first saw the game, yup this is Final Fight, and that’s Mike Haggar with his huge muscular arms picking up drug addicts and gangsters slamming their heads into the ground. It is also nice especially now with the new Super Street Fighter being a super success, it is nice to see the grass roots of fighters like Cody and Guy.


While I was only able to appreciate the games on their Super Nintendo release one can tell that the developers of Double Impact truly appreciated these games in their arcade origin form. Everything about the presentation of Double Impact clearly had been well thought-out and made to bring its fans and potential newcomers that classic 'arcade-like' experience. There are many graphical options presentation to play the game one of the most rewarding is the Cabinet View, where graphic filters are used to give that soft edge and curved glass monitor feel as if you’re playing on an actual old arcade cabinet. In fact, it the cabinet art and the frame around the edges are authentic to their actual arcade machines.  All the music in both games have been re-mastered if you want, because you also have the option of switching that off for the full-on original mix instead.


The games are as they were back when they first were released. Final Fight is still has your fighter moving left to right as you continue pounding the a single button to do punchs and kicks while another button allows you to jump, press them at the same time your character does a powerful spinning attack which drains one’s heath on hit. While also doing that, you will chuck enemies off the screen and smash barrels for weapons and crouch to pick up roasted chicken to regain heath. You can play as Cody, Guy, or as Mike Haggar, as you are beat up the Mad Gear gang while in attempt to find and rescue Mike’s daughter Jessica, (Cody’s girlfriend).  The game also includes new bonus stages such as the player is destroy a thug’s car in the under the time limit, and break all the glass panes in a glass pane factory before the time limit.  

Magic Sword is basically the same premise but with swords. It is an fantasy hack and slash game but gives you the ability to unlock allies that tag along in your journey, and whom able to use special abilities. The premise of the story is you play as an unnamed Hero on a quest to stop a dark lord named Drokmar from ruling the world. On this journey you will encounter and find keys to doors which free allies whom will join your cause. The game also gives you different swords with increased attack and different magical abilities.

While these games come in a neat package all together, neither game has great depth or is very long. Both games could probably be in just a couple of hours. Leaving one to wish they should had put all 3 Final Fights into one package to make the game have more lasting appeal. But aside from achievements and trophies, Double Impact also adds on-screen challenges to both games. Challenges vary from having to just beat a boss, to not receiving damage at all during a small portion of the level. When complete, the challenges unlock bonus content in what is called the ‘Vault’. Basically, some of the rewards include the concept art, and even an episode from the Street Fighter cartoon featuring Final Fight. As mentioned beforehand, both games in Double Impact support drop-in at anytime co-op play, either offline or online. There are even checkpoints and the ability to save and continue where you left off, and even a slightly useful match-making feature to get players together of the same ‘skill’.

Final Fight Double Impact is what you expect, nicely packed with good presentation and cool features that you would want in this type of arcade re-release. The game play and graphics are dated which is to be expected and not everyone can appreciate it now. However, for the quality of presentation you get in this package and for only $10, it is definitely something worth for any fan to get.  

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