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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 5/21/2012

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of May 21, 2012

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If you don't already know that's sound of the internet playing Diablo 3 (duh!). Although, I'm still playing the Witcher 2 and enjoying the heck out of it. No loot addicted cravings for me! On the topic of The Witcher 2, once you get experienced and comfortable with how to utilize signs, potions, oils, and traps, in particular also getting past unlocking Training Skills and progressing into the other branches of the skill tree, combat becomes increasly strategic and enjoyable. Speaking of my experience, you start to learn how to leverage the number of oncoming enemies instead of constantly cowarding.

On that note though, the next few  videos may take a little longer to put up because I'm editing a lot of the content. The reason being is that I just received a bunch of quests all which some of their objectives are being completed non linearly. In other words, the classic this quest updated or was picked up while I was actually on another quest. For the benefit of my viewers especially those whom haven't played it yet, this week I'm planning on editing the videos such that the cutscenes will be more joined and succinct, and hopefully quest cutscenes will have a more logical flow. 

There will be more chapters of the Mass Effect 3 Chronicles, and in fact by the time you see this article Chapter 18 should be up on (my) Rapid's channel.

Wrapping up last week:

Chapter 16 and 17 of the Mass Effect 3 Chronicles went up

Last week I uploaded part 5, the first video of Chapter 1 of my Witcher 2 story playthrough. 

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