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Rapid's Impressions of E3 2012

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It’s been a week since E3 finished and Rapid takes some time to reflect on the things he saw during and after the press conference this year.

I’m not a member of the press, like many of you probably I also sat saw the press conference through the live streams on website like There’s been some very negative things said on the internet about E3, some of them rants from us gamers whom felt let down by E3 this, while others critique E3 as a whole. Nevertheless, now that it’s been a week since E3 I want to take the time now that my head is clearer to reflect back on E3. I don’t want to just make this post a rundown all the letdowns of this year’s E3. Besides, by now you probably have gotten tired of hearing about the complaints. Instead I’m going to focus on what was interesting to me and what grabbed my attention.

Show off!


You probably already seen  and have been told  how awesome games like Watchdogs, and Star Wars 1313 look, (and yes looks possibly for next gen)  by now you heard it all. Watch Dogs looked like it has its graphics taken right out of the videos for those Extreme ENB Series Graphics Mods for Grand Theft Auto IV. I’m going to remain skeptical just because other than the demo Ubisoft showed at E3, we have not heard much more about what the game actually is or involves.  There’s only speculation that the demo certainly does implicate some kind of multiplayer cat & mouse chase me style of gameplay.

The premise of communication espionage and the character being some kind of crazy hacker has the computer nerd in me all ecstatic, (someone figured out that QRCode!)  As a guy who has been feeling that a lot of games now have been doing the same thing for a while now, a new IP and a possible new gameplay premise  is also a breath of fresh air.

Please be good, please be good, PLEASE be good!!!


The games that were shown at E3 that had me begging in my seat, two games that I wish to the bottom of my heart to live up to my expectations are Naughty Dogs, The Last of Us and Obsidian Entertainment’s South Park: The Stick of Truth. These two games in their own respects have all the parts of a video game that I have always wanted. First, The Last of Us feels like the answer to my hope of realistic yet fluid playing survival game. I really want to play a survival game where supplies are scarce, where it’s better to hide than to engage an enemy. Moreover, I’m not a very big fan of the Resident Evil series because of their often clunky controls and stiff and unemotional animations and characters. The Last of Us also seems like it has the same quality of character driven personalities and the polished gameplay that we have come to expect from Naughty Dog’s the Uncharted series and sets my expectations to high. While Naughty Dog did show a highly action shotgun loaded demo for E3, based on what the guys at Giant Bomb has said, they saw the devs play the same sequence more stealthily. The joke has been made though, that Naughty Dog has a better Ellen Page character, than (Beyond) the game which actually stars Ellen Page. 

I say these things...but I am excited for Beyond: Two Souls, I love the story and the mature nature of Quantic Dream’s last game Heavy Rain. The fact that Beyond does actually star Ellen Page as the main character has got my interest. I can’t wait to see more from Beyond. (oh and JASON!) 

South Park, the reason I have high hopes for it is the game actually has the show runners, Trey Parker and Matt Stone writing for it which hopefully means that the game will have more of the authentic South Park humor in it. Plus the game is in the hands of Obsidian, a well-known and respected RPG developer. The game also has what I wanted from a South Park to be part of the gang. It also makes more since than just playing as a single south park character. I want the gang all together, giving their banter, and insulting your character and each other.

Finally a last minute addition to: Please be good is Criterion Games’ Need for Speed Most Wanted. I’m a big fan of Need for Speed series since the Underground games and Criterion have always brought a style, visual flare and finesse to their Burnout Series. A lot of Need for Speed fans swear by Most Wanted as the apex of Need For Speed since Underground.  When I heard that some of the people in Criterion were the people who actually worked the original Most Wanted that reassured me that this game will live up to the legacy of its predecessor. While it doesn’t have the famous “Five Grand” Razor Callahan I have very high hopes for this newest Need for Speed game.

 Alright you got me, I’m Ready!

The next following games are those which that I am pretty confident already meet or exceed my expectations:


XCOM : Enemy Unknown by Firaxis Games, Borderlands 2 by Gearbox, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III, Maxis Software’s SimCity, and probably a bunch of games I missed. Okay, so let’s just get the obvious ones out of the way. I’m already a huge Assassin’s Creed fan and there’s been so much hype for that I don’t really need to go death. New assassin, new setting, new wildlife hunting, new ship combat, new and cool looking ways of murdering templars, and even cooler parkour are just some of many reasons I am excited for the release of AC3. Borderlands also follows my hype train, loved the original, love the feel and design of the guns, all that loot,  playing with a group of friends, and hell yeah new improve UI design and new characters and abilities. But, needs more dub step

2228798-simcitysmeltingplant.jpgSo Sim City, the reason I’m excited for this game is because I can just begin to imagine how much customization is in this, from what I heard to what I expect and have seen that’s in the game already. I can’t wait for videos online of people’s weird cities, and the crazy things that happened to them. I am excited by the fact that multiplayer / nearby cities will play into how your city develops. I can’t want to see how sophisticated and complex the city simulation has become. How did it take this long for a new Sim City?! (Yup, really excited to see more)


2227057-007240.jpgLast but probably number 1 game I’m excited for to come out is the new return-to turn based strategy Xcom game by makers of Sid Meier’s Civilization. I love the visuals and art style from what I have seen from it. It feels like they are staying true to the original Xcom, yet making it more newbie friendly compared to the originals at the same time. It is also has been handed off to the perfect developers to create a successor to the originals. (Hmm…. Base building… can’t wait….)

So yeah despite the negativity on the internet about this year’s Electronic Entertainment there are still a lot of great games to look forward to. Next year hopefully Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo focus on games for next gen consoles.  I love to see what other games they have not announced are coming for WiiU because I’m not willing to write it off yet as some people have. All they really need is to show the new Zelda, Super Smash Bros, or any other beloved Nintendo series to win back the Nintendo fans.  

With that I say no more E3 talk!

“And that was E3…#YEAROFTHEBOW” – #GiantBomb

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