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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 6/25/2012

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of June 25, 2012.


This Week's Update!
Phantasy Star Online 2's open beta has started and if you want to try the game for yourself, you can sign up now for an account on Phantasy Star Online's website.

pso2 2012-06-24 10-36-37-040.png

This weekend I spent a fair amount of time with PSO2, as relatively newcomer to this franchise my first impressions were I really liked the design and art of the different characters and each race. Not since RF Online have I been given an opportunity to play a character whose from a race of giant gundam-looking mechs  (and a female one at that). The open beta release is in Japanese, however people outside of Japan can also sign up for the beta granted you either know some Japanese, or there is a good translation guide online that will help you to register and understand some of the menus. Playing the game with my limited Japanese is kind of a good exercise for me, however a tip for those who may feel overwhelmed that Ship 2, particularly Channels 20 - 22 is where most of the English speaking folk are. (Just be forewarned that the people there may not be always the classy bunch... if you know what I mean.)
Below is a couple of videos from the livestreams I did this weekend on our Channel uploaded onto my (Rapid) YouTube channel. For more PSO2 footage visit anyone of those two channels. 


witcher2 2012-06-23 11-33-29-105.png

Two more Witcher 2 videos have been also uploaded this weekend. While I still have some backlog of Witcher 2 videos to get through I myself have not played too much further into the game than I have uploaded. The screenshot above is a sneak peek of the game about 2 hours later. In the meantime if you haven't already, check out the latest videos here.

Also the internet (aka Bioware's Facebook Page) tells me that the epilogue DLC for Mass Effect 3 comes out Tuesday, June 26. So I probably have to play that sometime and update my videos for the Mass Effect 3 Chronicles. So expect that to come soon. Below is a little interview session Bioware did internally discussing what the "Extended Cut" is and its details.

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