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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 7/02/2012

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of July 2, 2012.

Happy Canada Day, (American Neigbours) Happy Independence Day.

MassEffect3 2012-06-29 22-58-14-675.pngThis weekend I (Rapid) did a playthrough of the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut and updated the Mass Effect 3 Chronicles with a new video of the extended ending.The extended endings as a whole felt like that should have been how Mass Effect 3 ended in the first place It feels like the extended cut was how the creative team at Bioware in their minds thought the orginal endings was conveying. Obviouslly not all the fans were not satisfied how it was implemented and presented. Now it feels like Bioware are conveying the ending more clearly. They address some of the more obvious plot holes in the ending, such as you see Shepard's squad mates getting on the Normandy and  evacuating Earth. There's more closure as to the state of the Mass Effect 3 Universe after Shepard has made his choice. Regardless of how I feel about whether I think the extended cut made a better ending. I don't think these endings will satisfy the people who were looking for the endings to be changed. I imagine it has stirred up some other people who are now angry with the new endings.  One of the things Bioware has said that I think the extended cut did some what accomplish is to convey to players the "differences" between the endings of Mass Effect 3. If I were to evaluate I would give the original ending a grade of "D" and this new extended cut version a "C+".

mqdefault (2).jpgAs one story ends, another continues I uploaded new vidoes of my Witcher 2 story playthrough. The latest chapter with Kyran is one of favourite parts of Chapter 1. Without spoiling the scene, let's just say even the great Geralt of Rivera will succumb to the potency of alcohol. For those of you who are wondering, there is a way to undo what happens to Geralt. But despite getting all the necessary ingredients to undo "it", I decide that Geralt must live with the consequences of his actions. A consequence that will remain with him in ever cutscene for the rest of the game! I'd say this Witcher got what he ask for.



Did more Phantasy Star Online 2 Live Streaming this weekend, created a new character and joined a team started by the community at Giant Bomb. I've been enjoying the game despite it being all in Japanese. Below is the first 3 hours of the game with a new character. I go through the tutorial and the starting quests.

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This guy who looks like a Gundam is just hanging out.

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