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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 7/16/2012

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of July 16, 2012.

Ah finally that time of the year!

Steam Summer Sale! (and San Diego Comic Con!)

Although last week was the week of Friday the nth, but for many hardcore geeks and nerds (an I mean it in the most awesome way possible as one myself) it might as well been the week of Christmas Holiday. First thing, after much speculation by the internet of when the Valve would hold their summer steam sale, it finally kicked off last Thursday and it's going until Sunday this week. Valve has mixed it up a little bit this year by actually presenting some various types of sales all at once. In addition to the familiar daily deals and publisher sales, Valve has added a Community's Choice sale in which, users can vote on which games they like Valve to put on sale next for a limit time. For the record, I think Valve has come up with a creative and awesome way to involve it community into the sale. There are also limited time offer Flash Sales, which a crop of titles become put on sale for a limit amount of time (about eight hours) and when time expires a new crop of games appear. For this reason I can confirm so far that the Summer Steam Sale has yet to break my poor wallet. I been very selective this year in particular of which games and which sale to buy. I want to point out that usually I end up waiting for a game especially those on my Wishlist to appear the daily sales or the flash sales for the reason that those particular sales usually yielded even steeper discounts. However, of the games I have bought I've also been and will continue to stream gameplay from those games throughout this week on the Rapid Chronicles JustinTV channel. Below is some the gameplay of Toy Solider from the live stream in which I've uploaded to the YouTube channel. Note that clearly when I do a live stream of  games I bought from the steam obviously I'm playing these games for the first time also. So expect me to not be that great at these games the first time.

The only down side to all this live streaming is that it has cut into my playtime of both Phantasy Star Online 2, and The Witcher 2 so there is not as much videos of those games as usual this week. I've been trying out Live Streaming my gameplay sessions more frequently now that I have the setup for it. Please keep in mind that I'm still trying to figure the logistics like what optimal resolution to stream at, granted that it will not just chew through my internet bandwidth limits. I also still need to invest in a good microphone before I do any real features or get into things like commentar for some of my videos on the site.

 As mentioned the second event was San Diego Comic Con 2012 which was held over the weekend. More recently the convention has been growing with panels and spaces for TV shows, movies, video games, and not just limited to anime (manga) nor comics. Unfortuantely if you could not travel all the way to the states to attend, Tested.com has a great gallery page full of (more than 600) photos of cosplayers taken at the convention.


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