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Zeno Clash Live Story Playthrough and Wrap Up

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Rapid live streamed his entire playthrough of Zeno Clash. He played the entire game from start to finish for the first time. 

The footage is unedited, so expect to see Rapid be defeat a few times.

Post Mortem of this Playthrough :

It's about damn time! This is a game that I heard good things about and have been meaning to play for a long time now.  Created by indie developers ACE Team, I've always heard that Zeno Clash combines a bizzare and unorthadox world and characters with an unqiue and engaging combat system. The closet comparision of the setting I could make is with something inspired from OddworldThe game is weird in a good way, making the entire game almost of surreal and standout experience.I enjoyed the combat very much, your punches and kicks have good oomph to them and when you take a hit you can almost really feel the impact. While the game is short (took me about 4 hours total) it does not stay its welcome. In opnion it is just the amount of variety and balance such that the game did not start to feel tedious. 

The story is interesting, although I sort of predicted what Father-Mother secret was early in the game. It was fun to see it all unravel. The biggest question in my mind was who / what is Golem and what ultimate plan was? He seems to be connected to all living creatures, or at least Father-Mother's "children". Also...What's up with his Rubix Cube and what does it all mean?!  That is still sort of mystery at the end. (Guess we'll have to wait until Zeno Clash 2?). 

What I enjoyed the most from the game is its fun, and intense first person combat. I have not played another game that has implemented it so well. A combination of  first-person melee and shooter combat that actually works. Pus, I never got tired of looking at the reloading animations of the guns they are creative and bizzare like the rest of the game. I felt the level where Ghat fights those statues with the crystal staff was neat. Not only is the entire level created a good change of tone but from a combat stand point, it was cool weapon change from regular guns or just punching and smashing enemies in the head. With that said, the Hunter boss fights are the toughest sections of the game. The first encounter in the desert I was killed so many times! The second encounter with the Hunter, in addition to the exploding "rats" (squrriels) the crabs were by far the most annoying obstacle in that boss fight. The cross bow is not the easiest thing to land a hit from a distance but discovering that I could hid behind that giant carcass where the Hunter could not fire upon saved me from dying countless times in the encounter. 

Well that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed the playthrough and I encourage anyone to check this game out for themselves and support the developers ACE Team. Zeno Clash is avaliable for PC (Steam / GOG) and Xbox 360. I'm now anticipating Zeno Clash 2 which is going to be published by Atlus.


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