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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 8/13/2012 + Video Game News

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of August 13, 2012.

With the London Olympics over, the Curiosity Mars Rover landed, summer is over right?

Here's a bit of news in the weekly update?!

Well there's at least a couple of games I'm interesting in playing before the summer is officially done. First is the PC version of Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched) by the fun folks at Double Fine. You may know them for... I don't know that awesome Double Fine Adventure Game kickstarter started by founder Tim Schafer that was funded in less than 24 hours? 

Via their official (@DoubleFine) they announced that they will be streaming the game live on the internet on Wednesday August 15th. Brad Muir the Project Lead and Chris Remo from Double Fine will be playing the World War One themed multiplayer tower defense + mech game 4 pm pacific time. Meanwhile, Iron Brigade is also 20% off on Steam right now.

But wait I said a couple of games which definitely means TWO! 

Sleeping Dogs a Hong Kong action film inspired open world cenimatic game comes out on tomorrow, Tuesday August 14. So far most news outlets have been hinting (and just hinting) that this game could maybe be "good"? The press embargo lifts the same day as the game comes out.

As someone who enjoys games like those of the Yakuza series, I was cautiouslly optmistic when I heard about a open world crime game (like that of GTA and Saints Row) that was based in Hong Kong. However, initially due to the game's long history, from once being True Crime Hong Kong, then to be to cancelled by Activision, only to then picked back up by SquareEnix  I was ready to think the game would be a flop. But from what  I have seen of the game so far, part of me has been secertly hoping recently that this game is going to be great, and "maybe" an unexpected success and that it would prove me wrong?

Here's a short demo from its developers, United Front Games of what Sleeping Dogs looks like. 

I've pre-ordered the PC version of the game, which from what they say on the site is that the developers have given the pc port some love and care it deserves with Direct X 11 support and HD textures just to name a few things. There's also an unlockable Rico skin for people who own and have a save from Just Cause 2 apparently. Really excited to try out this game. I'm thinking I'll probably make some kind of video content of it when I get the game.

Now back to your regular weekly site update.

This week I finished Jade Empire live playthrough. I finished it mostly because I wanted to keep playing the game. For me a great game combines great mechanics with a story that will make me not want to put it down. 

More Witcher 2 videos are slowly being uploaded mostly because I have been playing a lot of Jade Empire that I have not had the time to progress much further in the game as I am hoping. Rest assured that there will be more videos coming in the near future!

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