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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 9/10/2012

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of September 10, 2012.

The fall season now is upon us!

A few Sleeping Dogs videos have been uploaded onto my channel. In particular you may have seen a Sleeping Dogs "5.5" video was uploaded. Sleeping Dogs is an open world game with several side activities, missions, and collectables and not to mention the friend leaderboards. While not all of them are essential to the story of the game they do give you nice bonuses: Cash, Clothes, Face Points, Heath etc. I understand that some viewers may not find that stuff interesting to watch (hence why my playthroughs are more focused on story) and therefore,  any videos that show mostly side missions will have a ".5" appheneded to them. This way viewers can decide for themselves if they would like to watch that particular Part or Chapter of the playthrough or just move on to the videos showing story (which are the whole numbered videos).


Tune in next week when this game releases!

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