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This Week on Rapid Chronicles : 12/04/2012 + Flash Games

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Here's what's happening on Rapid Chronicles for the week of December 04, 2012.

Oh wow December already? You know what that means, HOLI- “FINALS”! (and also end of the year deliberation time)

So you might have noticed that there hasn't been a update in while. Things still have been progressing on the video end but I just had less time to maintain regular weekly posts. So in case anyone has missed out of what has been going on (behind your back! Well, no) I've been keeping the YouTube channel updated with a video a week like usual for the past month. In fact if you have seen the channel there has been quite a lot of new content that has been posted since I last gave a formal update.

The Sleeping Dogs Story Playthrough is now completed including a playthrough of the additional Halloween Story DLC that was released on October 31st. A downside is while the Borderlands 2 live recordings will still continue, have been post poned until end of December. In its place is a newly began playthrough of Syndicate (the one that came out this year). The playthrough is quite new that I haven't made a page of this site for it yet, but check out playlist on YouTube for the current releases. 

I've been also playing the Star Wars the Old Republic MMO and have posted a video of the game in the typical story playthrough format (Cut-scenes Cutscenes and Cutscenes). However, I have not committed to the series yet, now that the game is free to play theoretically I can actually do a playthrough without having to subscribe but a lot of things become limited once my trial subscription runs out. I am still debating whether or not a full subscription is worth it. I'll probably release more cut-scene videos as I play more and if I decide to invest time in this MMO. Nor do I not want prolong the completion of Borderlands 2 any further, by playing another game.

Hey here are some interesting games on the internet I found:

Dikembe Mutombo Old Spice Game

While you could just label this as just another piece of "Old Spice" marketing, I was surprised that this game has quite elaborate and the quite humorously written. It essentially borrows a lot of themes and mechanics from iconic video games. Each level has a fairy elaborate intro cutscene sequence which sets up the premise for that level. 

Skrillex Quest

Got to admit Skrillex Quest is neat, it definitely has that unique indie feel. Essentially the story is a speck of dust flew into your old Zelda-style save the princess RPG game cartridge and "corrupting the Rom". Hence, when the game starts the rpg world is full of ROM corruption and dub step (naturally) and it’s up to your character to save this world from its destruction

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