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A Farewell to Ryan Davis

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To anyone who reads this, this post is more for me and a means of expressing my feelings about news of Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis passing away at age 34.

This has been quite a emotional and somber day for myself and many who have expressed their condones to Ryan Davis' family and friends. It was probably around 10 am MDT that I first saw the official announcement and watched throughout the days as the news spread to Twitter, Neo GAF, Reddit, and other gaming outlets. Despite the fact that I have never met the man before, I am deeply saddened by his death and have never felt this way about a person I didn't know personally. Ryan Davis is the co-founder of Giant Bomb, a video game website that I frequent. Ryan Davis hosted live shows, podcast and quick looks on Giant Bomb. His face and genuine personality was a core part of the DNA of the site. I and many others spent hours every week listening to the Bombcast (Giant Bomb's podcast) every Tuesday night. Whether on the podcast, on camera, or on twitter, to those who followed him, Ryan didn't feel like a complete stranger because he was so open and honest with himself and his audience.

Regardless of having never met him in person, I believe its safe to say that Ryan was a man who was frank with everyone, critical, but never took himself too seriously. It was easy to see his genuine excitement and joy for things that he was really into, whether that was a video game, movie, or whatever off-topic thing they were discussing on the Bombcast or in a video that week. He was also never too shy to hesitate to directly say when something bothered him or when he disliked something. The humor which Ryan and the Giant Bomb crew bring every day on the site is unique, the stupid shenanigans he has done and inspired others to do have led to the best moments of Giant Bomb.

It's clear from the videos of those also remembering Ryan, he has also been responsible for creating relationships that go deeper than professions within the gaming industry. Moreover, he has helped show the faces and personality of those involved in the gaming industry. (I'm of course speaking of the giant bomb hall of fame)

The Bombcast has filled me with constant enterainment and enjoyment this past 4 years. Ryan was also proud that they never missed a week of podcasting and as a regular listener, it was something I could always count on there being. Ryan's infamous introduction every week, "Hey Everyone It's Tuesday" will be missed.

Ryan's absence will be felt on the site, and he will be long remembered by all thousand of fans he gain during his far too short life.If there was any consolation to be had, it was that Ryan had just gotten married days before, and probably exprienced one of the happiest time of his life being passing.

My condolences his friends and family. 

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