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Warframe Nightwave Series 3 - The Glass Maker (Guide)

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A new Nightwave series is out now on all platforms. Nightwave is Warframe's free battle pass / weekly radio play drama. 

A serial killer is on the lose, "Glassing" his victims. An old Orokin form of death sentence where the convicted's soul is extracted, and their bodies turned to glass. The Tenno has been tasked to find out who the murderer is.

As typical of Warframe when new mechanics are released, (such as this new investigation and "weave" mechanic) they are not explained in-game so I have written this guide to hopefully save some players from potential frustration over what the Glass Maker asks them to do.

Part 1

Starting Nightwave:

After a brief cut-scene, players will be brought into a reconstructed crime scene in first-person view inside the market in Cetus. We will need to inspect 5 pieces of evidence and memorize (or screencapture) a clue from each.


It is important to note each player will have a differentset of evidence which is randomly assigned for each player from a pool of possible evidence. Nevertheless, the locations of these clues will be same, but what the clues are might be different in your playthrough. If you see [brakets] around a word it means this is a variable based on the player.

Inspect Dead Ostron Man

  1. Inspect the Ayatan Eye - Remember the [Symbol]
  2. Inspect the Ostron [Weapon] - Remember what the [Weapon] is / looks like.
  3. Inspect Corpus Data Log - Remember of [whom] profile picture is of
  4. Inspect Burned Ostron Note - Remember from [whom] is author of the note
  5. Inspect the Dencrypted Message of the Datapad - Remember the [Highlighted Keyword]

Here's an example of the notes I made for my playthrough


After inspecting all 5 peices of evidence you will prompted to inspect the Dead Ostron Man again. At this point you will need to farm 10 resource unique resources called "Cephalites Resonance" before being able to progress any further in your investigation.

These Cephalites are little white lights that spawn randomly in missions and open world areas (except-void fissure missions) Nora will tell you when they spawn. But the cephalites will start turning enemies around them to glass. Breaking the glass nodes covering these enemies will cause them to become vulnerable and destroying them will have a chance to drop Resonance. As stated, the player will need 10 to progress, but cannot carry more than 20 Cephalite Resonances in their inventory.

Once at least 10 Cephalite Resonances have been collected return to the Dead Ostron Man again. The player will be teleported into the the "Weave" a set islands where a mysterious voice will start asking them questions. Players will need to (short hop) jump onto platform corresponding to the clues they have gathered. Note: Players will not be able to Bullet Jump in the wave.

Be careful if you fail to correctly jump on the correct clue, or fall off the map you will be ejected from the wave and the 10 CephalitesResonance will have been consumed (will have to farm another 10 again). There's a 60 second timer starts right away. (ignore the dialogue focus on the quiz!)

Here's a video of me going through Nightwave Glass Maker Part 1


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