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Warframe Nightwave Series 3 - The Glass Maker - Part 3 (Guide)

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Nightwave Series 3 Glass Maker Episode 2 is now out. Nightwave is Warframe's free battle pass / weekly radio play drama. 

Part 3

Once again you are brought a second crime scene.

Again, same as Part 1 and Part 2 please note:

It is important to note each player will have a different set of evidence which is randomly assigned for each player from a pool of possible evidence. Nevertheless, the locations of these clues will be same, but what the clues are might be different in your playthrough. If you see [brakets] around a word it means this is a variable based on the player.

Inspect the Glassed Corpus Man

  1. Inspect the Corpus Datapad- Remember which Syndicate and their Sigil.
  2. Inspect the communication tech - Remember what the [image looks like].
  3. Inspect Grineer Datapad - Remember the [Highlighted word].
  4. Inspect Weapon- Remember which weapon it is.
  5. Inspect the Floof - Remember the [type] of floof it looks like.

Here's the notes I took for my game.


After inspecting all 5 pieces of evidence you will prompted to inspect the glass'd corpus man again.

Make sure you have 10 (although of the Deadlock Protocol update, the requirement is now lowered to 5) Cephalite Resonances

Like before, the player will be teleported into the the "Weave" a set islands where a mysterious voice will start asking them questions. Players will need to (short hop) jump onto platform corresponding to the clues they have gathered. Note: Players will not be able to Bullet Jump in the wave.

Once you have inspect the clue and return to your orbiter. Nora will reveal more details about the Glass Maker.

Here's a video of me going through Nightwave Glass Maker Part 3

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