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Warframe Nightwave Series 3 - The Glass Maker - Part 4 (Guide)

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Nightwave Series 3 Glass Maker Episode 2 is now out. Nightwave is Warframe's free battle pass / weekly radio play drama. 

Part 4

Once again you are brought a second crime scene.

Again, same as Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 please note:

It is important to note each player will have a different set of evidence which is randomly assigned for each player from a pool of possible evidence. Nevertheless, the locations of these clues will be same, but what the clues are might be different in your playthrough. If you see [brakets] around a word it means this is a variable based on the player.

Inspect the Glassed Corpus Man

  1. Inspect Worn Data Tablet- Remember the [Highlighed word]
  2. Inspect the standard Data Tablet - Remember the name of the [Highlighted] person
  3. Inspect Transmitted Component - Remember the [Highlighted number]
  4. Inspect Encrypted Data Tablet- Remember the [image & posture]
    Inspect the Digi Drive- Remember the [type / color ] of the digi drive

Here's the notes I took for my game.


After inspecting all 5 pieces of evidence you will prompted to inspect the glass'd corpus man again.

Make sure you have 5 Cephalite Resonances

Like before, the player will be teleported into the the "Weave" a set islands where a mysterious voice will start asking them questions. Players will need to (short hop) jump onto platform corresponding to the clues they have gathered. Note: Players will not be able to Bullet Jump in the wave.

Once you have inspect the clue return to your orbiter.

Here's a video of me going through Nightwave Glass Maker Part 4

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