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Warframe Nightwave Series 3 - The Glass Maker - Part 5 Finale (Guide)

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Nightwave Series 3 Glass Maker Episode 2 is now out. Nightwave is Warframe's free battle pass / weekly radio play drama. 

Part 5

Once again you are brought a second crime scene.

Again, same as Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 Part 4 please note:

It is important to note each player will have a different set of evidence which is randomly assigned for each player from a pool of possible evidence. Nevertheless, the locations of these clues will be same, but what the clues are might be different in your playthrough. If you see [brakets] around a word it means this is a variable based on the player.

Inspect the Glassed Corpus Man

  1. Inspect Orokin Legem - Remember the [Emblem at the Center]
  2. Inspect the Weave Condult - Remember the [Blue Pattern]
  3. Inspect Ceremonial Weapon - Remember the [type of weapon it is]
  4. Inspect Glass Shard Remember the [image & color]
  5. Inspect the Ancient Shackles- Remember the [number ]

Here's the notes I took for my game.


After inspecting all 5 pieces of evidence you will prompted to inspect the Statue of Nihil

Make sure you have at least 5 Cephalite Resonances

Go into the Weave and answer the questions as before.

After answering the quiz you will finally confront Nihil in a Boss Fight

Like before, the player will be teleported into the the "Weave" a set islands where a mysterious voice will start asking them questions. Players will need to (short hop) jump onto platform corresponding to the clues they have gathered. Note: Players will not be able to Bullet Jump in the wave.


Inside the Nihil's final weave, the Tenno will be standing on several glass platforms with the Glass Maker at the center. Nihil has two phases, a shielded phase and a vulnerable phase. Nihil will attack the Tenno in two ways: by throwing Glass Shards which freeze and slow their Warframe or by swinging the large sword called the Vitrica. Nihil will telegraphs when he is about about to attack with Vitrica, with a long wind up animation. He will either go for a vertical or horizontal swing. Be weary while it is not difficult to evade his sword swing, should the hit land it will mean instant death for the Tenno.

It should be the player does not access to their skills or weapons during this boss fight. Instead, the player must dodge, then pick up the Glass Shards that Nihil throws when they hit the platform.

In Nihil's shielded phase, his life bar will be greyed out. However, the player will notice floating glass crystals floating on each platform. Find the Crystal that looks most White. As Nihil throws the shards at the player, pick up the shards quickly and then throw the shard at White Crystal. This will "free" the prisoner in the shard and they will make Nihil temporary vulnerable.

In Nihil's vunerable phase, the glass shard can be thrown at Nihil instead. It will take 3 hits to deplete one 1/3 of his overall health each time. After which, Nihil will regenerate his shields and more crystals will appear.

Do the same, 3 times to finish off Nihil

Upon defeating Nihil you will be rewarded with a Blueprint in which to craft Nihil's weapon the Vitrica for yourself, as well as a special ship decorations with much lore implications as to the fate of Nihil.

Here's a video of me going through Nightwave Glass Maker Part 5

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