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Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 2 Reflection

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This week Rapid recollects his thoughts about the "Chapter 2" of his Persona 4 Story focused playthrough.

Note: This article has spoliers.

Please watch the video playthrough or have beaten Persona 4 before continuing. 

Note: This is Chapter 2, click here to view Chapter 1.


Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 2 : Saki Konishi - Part 1 (26:07)

Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 2 : Saki Konishi - Part 2 (25:40)

Persona 4 (Story) : Chapter 2 : Saki Konishi Part 3 (31:39)

Retrospection: Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 2 - Saki Konishi

This was a short chapter composed of three parts. The Chapter includes Akira Yoshioka awakening to his persona Izangai and confronting Yosuke's shadow. Being that this is second time I am playing Persona 4, after played a ton of  Persona 3 and FES prior to this, I felt that the exposition of 4 was much longer than in 3. Perhaps it was harder to setup the premise for Persona 4 because it involves so many elements which the game story needs to spend time informing the player about such as

  • setting up the murder case
  • a situation in which the character would watch the midnight channel
  • each character has to experience the world inside the TV initally

In contrast, Persona 3 dropped the protagonist within the midst of the plot circumstances, the supporting characters already knew about the Dark Hour in Persona 3. The Dark Hour is a time of the night, when shadows appear in our world, while regular people are asleep in their coffins, and which only people who have the "potential" remain awake. In fact the Tarturus, the other world had been already "experienced" by the previous investigation team. Once that was established the protagonist quickly awoke to his persona, Orpheus. 

Saki Konishi, we barely knew her before she died. Whether Yosuke's motivation to re-enter the TV was to investigate Saki's death or for entertainment value as his shadow revealed, protagonist (Akira Yoshioka) is in this mess.

I am still not sure if the within the TV world, that Yosuke and the protagonist truly saw Saki's geniune feelings for a couple of reasons. Firstly, since Saki died prior to their arrival, my theory is it could have been Yosuke whom create Saki within his own world since subconciously he may of felt that Saki dispised him, because she always said he was annoying. Secondly, we never meet Saki's shadow and only Yosuke's, I think that Yosuke's shadow might have created the town to show Yosuke, his own inner thoughts.

In terms of the videos, there is still some rough edges to sort out, I know that video to audio sync is not perfect and has been a problem for not only previous videos but upcoming videos.  

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