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Rapid's Blog : Persona 4 (Story) Chapter 6 Reflection

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This week Rapid recollects his thoughts about the "Chapter 6" of his Persona 4 Story focused playthrough.

Note: This article has spoliers.
Please watch the video playthrough or have beaten Persona 4 before continuing. 
Note: This is Chapter 6, click here to view Chapter 5.

(Out of context this screencap is even more funny!)

Retrospection: Persona 4 (Story) Chapter  6 -  Nature Week

Note: Correction with the video times, something was janky when I produced Part 1, there is like 10 minutes of dead air at the end.The true video length is around 43 minutes. Also, in order to get the little easter eggs I put in the first video be sure to have annotations turn on!

You might have noticed that I was sort of fooling around with Kanji's Quest Boss, to be honest I was trying to trigger Chie's galatic punt finisher that's why I decided to skip some of the All-Out-Attacks. However, the attempt was failure and Kanji paid the price (sorry bro...). While a galatic punt does work on Bosses, and is easy to do when there are multiple enimies on the field, it's harder to pull off with only one enemy. 

The school camping trip  my second favourite event in this game. By the best Mr. Morooka bit, and the funniest dialogue exchange between Yosuke and Kanji in the game.

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