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Rapid's Highlight: How far are we from Deus Ex?

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Rapid highlights one or more of the many aspects of a particular video game, such as its concept, visuals, sound or gameplay and then supplementing this content with a number of short videos. In this feature of Rapid's Highlight we look at the game Deus Ex Human Revolution and its concept of Human Augmentation and how the game uses that concept to tell the game's story.

The Concept: Human Augmentation Anyone?

In Deus Ex Human Revolution. Human cybernetics, called Augmentations has been made readily possible to the consumers everywhere. People cannot only replace their limbs and other body parts with machinery, but they also go as far as implant neural enhancers to improve congregation and intelligence. Humans can literally have their brains connected to the internet at all times. Taking place just 16 years in our future in the year 2027, Deus Ex Human Revolution explores the ethical, moral and cultural impact of this new society of cyborgs and in some cases people whom had made themselves more machine than human. However, how far are we along to becoming like this society in real life? SquareEnix, released a documentary exploring such topics.

The World of Deus Ex : Just Imagine what 2027 will be like.
The enviroments and levels in Deus Ex : HR might be statined Black and Gold however, its easy tell that this is not the golden age of society. As expected Human Augmentation becomes a very Left Wing and Right Wing debate, those whom believe in perserving the purity of the Human Race, and those whom push the world toward Augmentation as a means of further adaptation, and evolution. Ex-Cop Adam Jenson, the game's main protagonist was basically given his augmentations against his free will in order to save his life. Eidos Studio Montreal, create a live action cenmatic promo trailer  for Deus Ex Human Revolution that shows how society would be impacted and the different views that a media would portray. 


In the game Jenson's augmentations play a part in how he is precieved in the world by others as well as himself.


Finally I want to point out the music of Deus Ex Human Revolution which drew me into the how cyberpunk setting, as I steathed my way through levels and hacked the many computers in that game. I want to point out the music of the game because the developers seem to taken much care into composing a good score to evoke the story and gameplay.


One of my favourite and probably the most powerful scenes in the game for me was the opening credits, the visuals and audio were great. It's a good example of how music and visuals in the game are evocative. One thing that my mind still ponders about which robo-cop like sequence is better this next video where Adam getting his augmentations, or Cammander Shepard (Mass Effect 2) when he's being revived by project Lazurus after he dies in space...? 


More songs from Deus Ex Human Revolution is available to listen to on grooveshark.

If you're interested in the game, its avaliable on PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC you can buy the "Augmented version" which includes a free copy of the soundtrack as well as many other downloadable content, visit the official site here.

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