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Tales of Innocence Patch Released

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What happens when a beloved J-RPG series refuses to be localized? After more than two years, the people of Absolute Zero have done it themselves and even manage to add their own features and redesigns to the original game.

After much anticipation, fans of Tales of Innocence (on DS) can finally rejoice about release of the long awaited translation patch for the game. The fan- translation project first started July 9, 2008, and despite the floods of requests and comments (throughout the 2 years) the team at Absolute Zero stayed patient and persistent with their belief to not release the patch until they were satisfied with its quality. 

The translators did a more than extreme thorough job. Everything you can think of is translated. Not to mention they even put subtitles on the Opening Intro Theme, similar to what you see for a fan-subbed anime. In fact, you can also turn these subtitles off by pressing the select button if you wish. 
Tales of Innocence
What is most surprising is that the AZ team went to such length as to refine the in-game menus and the user interface of the game. 

The stat numbers originally displayed the difference between the old and the new stat, but we thought it wasn’t very intuitive. So now we changed it to display the actual new stat, making it easier to compare weapons and styles with each other. In addition to these and similar changes, we have also fixed a few bugs. The game doesn’t crash if you encounter an invisible enemy in a guild dungeon anymore, and you will also get the displayed amount of money when selling a weapon with bonus parts.

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It shows true commitment when they even go as far to fix bugs that were in the original game. What is most impressive is truly their dedication, fan-translation project live and die quickly, and many do not reach near-competition. Not to sell a publisher short, but the publisher should take this as an example of because of AZ team’s dedication the result is a translated game that goes just beyond what we would expect from a commercial localized product.  
You can find the patch and more details about the project at the Absolute Zero Website

Here's the List of Features the Added to the Game

Several features have been added to the game that can be customized to your preferences.

 Opening and Ending Song Subtitles
  - Subtitles are enabled by default.
  - They can be enabled and disabled by pressing the Select button.
  - Romanized karaoke subtitles are displayed at the top of the screen.
  - Translated lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  - The opening has lyrics in ALL CAPS. Try reading the translated lyrics backwards.

 Naming Convention
  - You can find this under the Options menu.
  - This option has three settings: Localized, Translated, and Romanized.
  - The naming convention is set to Localized by default.
  - This setting will be recorded in your save data.
  - Localized: Use official naming conventions for Artes and items.
  - Translated: Use official naming conventions for Artes and items except when literal
      translation seems more appropriate.
  - Romanized: Use romanizations for all Japanese Artes and literal translations for
     Artes or items written in katakana (foreign words).

 Battle Subtitles
  - You can find this under the Options menu.
  - This option has three settings: On, Important, and Off.
  - Battle subtitles are On by default.
  - This setting will be recorded in your save data.
  - On: All battle subtitles will be displayed.
  - Important: Only subtitles at the start and end of battle, boss death quotes, and
     Mystic Artes quotes will be displayed.
  - Off: No battle subtitles will be displayed.
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