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GoldenEye Source brings back GoldenEye

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GoldenEye source is a fan remake that takes GoldenEye 007 back to its roots.

A History Lesson

Almost anyone who had a Nintendo 64 console back in day probably also owned or played extensively the original GoldenEye 007. While the original Bond movie will probably only be loosely remembered, there is no doubt that the game is critically acclaimed for being one of the first successful popular shooter to come to any consoles for its time. GoldenEye for the N64, brought many friends, family, together for too many all-nighters to count.


Long Awaited Remakes

When Rare the original developers of GoldenEye on the N64 were about to go out of business, they found themselves being bought up by Microsoft. Afterwards, they started to develop more Banjo-Kazooie games after Microsoft acquired the license, and franchises likeViva Pinta games. Most recently, Rare re-released Perfect Dark on Xbox Live, which gave hope to some naïve fans that Rare would also re-release a re-textured GoldenEye 007, similar to what they had done for Perfect Dark. While it would have been nice if Rare had the rights to re-release GoldenEye, the problem arises from whom now owns GoldenEye.  On one hand, Activision now holds the James Bond license, but on the other hand, Nintendo owns the license of GoldenEye including the name and trademark. Before then,  EA (Electronic Arts) once held the Bond license and released GoldenEye Rogue Agent , which was an attempt at bring GoldenEye back. However, the game was too dissimilar from the original to warrant any sort of major recognition from the hardcore GoldenEye fan community. The game popularly criticized as a first person shooter, with the golden eye name slapped in its title, Rouge Agent was only a mediocre success.

In November of 2010, Activision released a proper remake of GoldenEye exclusively on the Nintendo Wii console. The new Wii game, a modern remake of GoldenEye shares plot similarities with Rare’s game which the levels call-back and reference the original GoldenEye 64 levels however re-doing the combat in a more Call of Duty style of game play. The now uses regenerating health, iron-sight aiming, and dual analog controls. The game replaces Pierce Brosnan former Bond actor for the original GoldenEye, with the current Bond, Daniel Craig. The writers then reworked and rewrote the story to fit the image and personality of Daniel Craig’s bond persona.

Now history is made, GoldenEye is back!

While the GoldenEye on Wii, is perhaps the closest commercially made game to reclaiming the those old GoldenEye memories, no other game developer have come close to recapturing everything we loved about the original GoldenEye than the people whom are responsible for  GoldenEye Source a total-conversion of Half-Life 2. The do what no other commercial game developer can do, recreate GoldenEye as it was in 1997.

They have managed to recreate the multiplayer modes to play frightening similar to the original, including some fan favourites like License to Kill, and the Man with the Golden Gun. Alongside the game modes are also included built-in game custom achievements. Everything from the aiming to red and blue circular heath-bars feels nearly identical to the original. It’s exactly what hard-core fans wanted, they have recreated classic levels authentically remodeled but nearly identical in layout the original levels from not only the multiplayer but also single player game. Not only do we get to play either classic Facility a exact replica, or a modern remodeled updated version, fans will get to play multiplayer in levels like Silo, and Control, levels not in the original GoldenEye multiplayer. As further bonus, a replica of the Casino from Casino Royal is also playable.  



Custom Models

They even modelled their own models to look like the original characters in GoldenEye , although since they would have to pay a hefty licensing fee for Pierce Brosnan’s likeness, they had to make do with a Bond equally dapper British-Looking Secret Agent. (Wouldn’t if they modelled Sean Connery?)


Other features include remodeled weapons of the original guns, which even have the same original sounds.

It amazes me how much they have accomplished, and their dedication to further to continue to improve this mod. The game is recently out of its beta, and with a decent amount of servers and plays trying it out. With already plans and a lot of support / demand from the fan community, the GoldenEye Source dev team has already said they had plans in the future of implementing a single player type of campaign to GoldenEye Source, although this would not happen before they felt completely satisfied with the mulitiplayer.

So how do I get my hands on this?

A reminder for anyone interesting in checking out this mod,  you just need to own any Source game on Steam, this includes but not limited to, owning at least one of the following:  Half – Life 2, Counter Strike Source, or any of the Left For Dead games (you just have to download the SDK) to play GoldenEye Source for FREE.

Trailer for GoldenEye Source 4.1 Below:

Remixed Songs and OST

Yet again, proving their dedication to bring back the memories of GoldenEye, to really evoke the Bond experience they created remixed versions the original music from GoldenEye, moreover, going so far as to even composed their own cover of Tina Turner's original Goldeneye  theme, now spoof'ed as Golden Pie a parody of the intro theme to the original movie. You can check out more details on the GoldenEye Source Community Website, and even download the Complete GoldenEye Source OST there.

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