Rapid Chronicles

What is Rapid Chronicles?

Rapid Chronicles is a site created by James W. (Rapid).  A small blog & online community website dedicated to various interests not limited to Video Games, Technology, and Animation. Rapid Chronicles also supports many original / fan-inspired creative writing projects. 

History of Rapid Chronicles

Officially started back in 2003, Rapid Chronicles was the successor to Rapid TV, a site dedicated to TV Shows, and Video Games. In 2004, the site's name was change to Rapid Chronicles. Rapid Chronicles is best described as an community for both Video Game and Anime lovers. While originally the site primarily only focused on anime and video games, ever since Project Infinity Chronicles began in 2005, it has also become an internal part of Rapid Chronicles. Rapid Chronicles has gone through many iterations and redesigns since it's last official launch on July 26, 2005.

What does Rapid Chronicles do?

At Rapid Chronicles we generally like to cover news and write content about significant topics surrounding television, video games and technology. For example we may post our own "comprehensive" video game reviews or postmoterms. Additionally, Rapid also keeps a blog where he shares his thoughts of some the games he's been playing and a YouTube channel of uploaded video footage of the games he's been playing. We also encourage our users to share their own experiences and interests on the site. Our site even allows users to upload and share their videos from via video sharing sites (like YouTube) onto our site database in real-time. Also very important to us, on site is we announce stuff about Project IC and its related works to our viewers.


Question: Why didn't Rapid Chronicles cover or have [insert content] on the site?

There will always be infinite amount of things we do not cover on this site. Covering everything is not really isn't what the site is about. Rapid Chronicles is about sharing content that is important to us and highlighting the stuff we feel is news-worthy on a personal level or whatever our users ask by in large. We don't consider ourselves to be a "Video Game Website", nor an Anime Blog Site, rather a fan-site of many interest (whether it be Video Games, Anime, or Technology). Our team at Rapid Chronicles and Project IC is a small dedicated team of individuals, and our main goal is to share our interests with our visitors and community.

Future Goals

As time passes Rapid Chronicles continues to grow slowly with future goals of increasing its usability, visuals, and member-base. We hope to expand our community based technology and make it easier to interact with users in the community and also provide more powerful tools for us and our users to use.

Creator of Rapid Chronicles

Since the age of nine, Rapid (James W.) the creator of Rapid Chronicles & Founder of Project IC has been running small web communities and websites. James is an university graduate of Computing Science. 

Who's helped out with Projects Associated with Rapid Chronicles

Project IC Staff
 Site Creator & Founder Rapid
 Co- Founder of Project IC & Project Lead  Zaku
 Project Manager  Shou
 Project IC Editor  Denji
 Special Thanks To
 Sprite Designer Sperion

Project Infinity Chronicles, a creative writing team was founded by Rapid and Zaku (James W. and Chan N.). Currently Rapid runs most of Rapid Chronicles and advises Zaku on his project.

In the early days of Rapid Chronicles, Zaku used to co-manage the site and its forums. Currently he's leading his own projects under Project Infinity Chronicles.  IC's editor Denji, is currently involved in Zaku's project.

Special thanks to Sperion who designed many sprites for us in the past for one of the team's projects.

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