Rapid Chronicles we care about the privacy of our users. If you join our community you must accept the way we handle personal information that is described below.

Our Principles

Within the Rapid Chronicles Community,  Users are allowed to create individual Profiles edit and post content, create groups and communicate with other Users. We are not a commercial business seeking monetary funds from its customers. For our website to work it is required that some personal information is collected and selected information is displayed publicly. This Privacy Policy describes the way the personal information on this site.

We will update the privacy policy from time to time.

Personal information is data required to identify individual users, such as user name, email address, telephone number, IM identifier etc. and also activity of an individual and any other information that is linked to an individual.

What we collect and why we use personal information

Rapid Chronicles collects information required for proper user account handling and user identification such as: email address, screen name (and password). Optionally, Users can fill additional profile data including but not limited to: real name, gender, birth date, personal website, instant messaging contact info and location. Profile information is public or private. Profile information and the information visible can be changed by any time by the User. Information is used to identify you on the Rapid Chronicles' social community powered by Jomsocial a 3rd Party software available here.

Rapid Chronicles also logs other information including IP address and browser type from both registered Users and anonymous visitors. This data is used for technical purposes of running the Services, monitor and analyze trends and improve the Services and for security and monitoring purposes. These aggregate data (with any individual information stripped such that no connection to individual users can be made) can be shared with third-parties to provide more relevant services and advertisements.

User profile data is public and can be viewed by any visitor, or it can be set as private and visible to contacts or people that are members of this site the User too

User email addresses are never displayed publicly nor revealed to other Users unless a User puts it directly on the pages or another User is in your contact list. However to make finding Users easier we allow searching by email address where one can look up a User whose email address matches the queried one.

Your email address is only revealed to the Users in your contact list. You shall be warned about it at the moment you add a User to your contact list.

Email address may be used to send email notifications or other important Services information or updates and to notify User about events related to particular user account. The User can decide not to receive any emailed information from the Services by configuring the Account Settings.

Email addresses or any other personal information are not shared with any third party, rent or sold.


User accounts are protected by user-created passwords.

Wherever required we use security measures to avoid plain-text transport of personal information between the browser and our database. In particular the login form data (username + password), all registration data, password-recovery forms and a few other that involve personal data use secure transport.

The data stored on our database servers is kept with a reasonable protection against unauthorized access and accessible only by minimal number of employees. We however can not guarantee protection against unauthorized use, hardware or software failure and other factors that may compromise the security of User information that is beyond our control.

In particular we also take no responsibility for unauthorized access that results from Users sharing their password with others or not taking sufficient security measures when using public computers.

Anonymous users

On some parts of the site anonymous users are allowed to post content and/or participate in discussions. In such a case, since no user name can be associated with such a user, the IP address number of a user is used as an identifier.
When posting content or messages on our site anonymously, part of your IP address will be revealed to the public.
(However we do limit the ability of Anonymous Users)


Our Services use Cookies to uniquely identify and record session information. This is required for proper Service operation. Users with cookies disabled in their browsers will not be able to fully interact with the Services.

Links to other sites

Our site can contain links to other web sites or include information from other sites via RSS feed import or embedding selected HTML code portions from other social sites. Rapid Chronicles is not responsible for the privacy policies or rules on these sites. This privacy only relates to Rapid Chronicles.

Posting Content

Please note that whenever you post Content to any of the Community portal they can be accessed by anyone.

Sharing the information

No User information is shared or disclosed as described above without user acceptance except when it is required by law. Some information can be shared with other third party services that provide level of integration with Rapid Chronicles, but every such information transfer is prior clearly explained to the User and requires User's acceptance.

We reserve the right to transfer personal information in case of acquisition of our Services or any part of it by another company.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, feel free to Contact Us